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Why Medical Tourism is Rising in India?

India is a vast country progressing and developing at a fast pace. Medicine and medical treatments were always a part of the Indian civilization since ancient days. India is home to scores of medical treatments…

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5 Offbeat Trekking trekking destinations near Bangalore

Trekking has turned into the most loved weekend activity for Bangaloreans. Luckily, Bangalore is gifted with a lot of adventurous and trekking spots in the nearby areas of the city. With significant youthful populace residing…

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Bangalore to Pune flights    

  5 fantastic food joints that make a trip to Pune worth it! Are you a foodie who’s planning a trip to Pune? Do not know where to go in order to satiate the taste buds?…

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Best Ways To Explore The Culture Of Bikaner

Bikaner is a golden land of Rajasthan, famous for its culture and heritage. Bikaner will always keep you smiling with dressed-up camels, vibrant culture, and temple for rat and so on. How to enjoy the…

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Traveling tips to be known before the journey on Maharaja’s Express

Before embarking on a different voyage or travel experience, you have to be known everything about the voyage. In that manner, here given some tips for the first time travelers on Maharaja’s Express. It will…

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What is the Cost of travel in India?

The cost of travel in India depends on the type of trip you wish to have here. India is a great value destination and offers varied experiences that suit the needs of all types of…

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